originalAlways remember, you are beyond beautiful and nobody can take that away from you. Nobody. If they try, they aren’t worthy of your time nor your attention. Erase them completely, nobody should be able to tell you that you aren’t beautiful, if you let them, shame on you girl/guy. You deserve better than that.


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  1. sukhmeet21902015 says:

    Living simple is living from heart. Never try to do what other’s do, just listen to your inner core and you will get the path.

    I listen to my heart and I wrote some lines here => happytomeet.blogspot.com

    where I wrote about new persons we meet and their influence in our life. I just started writing this blog. Hope everyone likes it

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  2. Secrets says:

    For me, it’s hard not to let others predict how I feel. I let others around me decide what I’m feeling, I tear myself when I don’t even mean to..
    I try listening to my heart, but my heart is telling me lies.. Lies I can’t listen to anymore…


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